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Credit-based Cloud Computing

Update: Existing Sollutions

Looks like there are already some existing sollutions  such as :

appears to be rather close to my needs: credit is given for computing resources, which could be claimed as needed at the latter time.

Currently that is the only solution from the following wiki list:

Software implementations and middleware


Peer-to-peer grid



  1. Using cloud resources is costly.
  2. My servers are idling most of the time.


Allow to use my servers for a future credit to be used on the servers of other participants.  The company that runs it could charge a percentage for the service.  I know that I would personally pay up to 50% of the cpu credits.  Seems like a rather useful and profitable idea.  Too bad this is not the area of my expertise.  Hopefully somebody will implement it sometime soon.

<<< TODO >>>

[Peer Computing]

existing peer networks: share file, network bandwidth; why not also cpu?

peer credit-based cloud computing


• in many organizations computers are often idling

• when cpu is needed

– costly (may offload to cloud e.g. Amazon); sometimes not feasible: e.g. using the budget to pay for the computational resources

Solution: share your computational resources when they are not needed; and receive computational credit