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Link Analysis Software

Some notes on link analysis software: [looks very nice]

looks very nice; python

quite nice python
seems rather nice, scalable, java
java, seems very interesting
looks interesting too

A plugin for Microsoft Excel that provides very nice tools (is especially useful for people that are not familar with programming)


Up and comming open source graph visualization and analysis platform written in Java (w/ support for plugins).






Comparison between igraph and networkx [Conrad Lee]

Some difference I could point to:

   - iGraph has some community detection algorithms implemented, while
   NetworkX does not.
   - iGraph's GraphML exporter included a more complete implementation of
   the GraphML specification, meaning that if you have a graph with all sorts
   of things labeled and weighted, it might be easier to export all this data
   into GraphML with iGraph.

Another difference between the two packages (and the reason I prefer NetworkX), is that NetworkX is well-documented, and has a fairly active community that can answer questions.  I found that the python version of
iGraph was not very well documented.  Also, NetworkX is written more in python than iGraph.  If you are using the python version of iGraph, then you will usually not be able to read the source code in python--you will just run into a binding.