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arXiv: Submitting pdf (TeX generated) without the LaTex source code



I love the openness   of arXiv system.  That said, their submission policies are nothing short of being dictorial:
(if your pdf was produced for tex; you must submit the source code along with all of the files)
(what worse it must compile on the arXiv system, so you have to include all of the style files etc -- a lot of work)

If your submission is (La)TeX, then you must 
submit the source
(plus necessary macros and figures), not derivative dvi, Postscript, or 
(see Why TeX?).
For more information on formats and other submission details see
   Submission Help.
your.pdf appears to have been produced by TeX.  This file has been rejected as part of a submission. It appears to be pdf generated from TeX/LaTeX source. For the reasons outlined at: we insist on submission of the TeX source rather than the  processed version.   Our software includes an automatic TeX processing script  that will produce PDF, PostScript and dvi from your TeX source.  If our determination that your submission is TeX produced is incorrect,  you should send e-mail with your submission number to 
Correct processing errors by returning to the
Add Files page
to add, delete, or replace files within your submissions. If you 
are unable to correct the processing errors yourself and need to 
contact arXiv administrators
 be sure 
to quote the submission identifier submit/zzz. 
Administrators may take a day or two to respond to requests for help.


I have produced my pdf with a great editor LyX; but due to some error with graphics conversion, was not able to export it properly to LaTeX.  arXiv would not let me submit the pdf, by giving me the above errors. 

Mostly it was complaining that since it was produced by TeX, I have to submit the source code with all the necessary files.  I understand that having latex source code would make parsing the text easier etc., but if I could not produce the appropriate LaTex file (that must compile on the arXiv's system), the current system does not allow me to submit in any way.

The easiest way to take care of that is:

Simply rename the file and remove the pdf extension
e.g. my.pdf -> my

Note: arxiv is smart enough to recognize that the file is of PDF type, but it does not bother anymore about submitting the source files.


Another option:

I tried several pdf metadata editors to change the creator field of the pdf; but that did not seem to fool the arXiv.  Luckily, it is possible to create a pdf from word and then simply insert pages from your article, and delete the word's page -- and that is exactly what I have done.  I have included a 1 page pdf produced by word in case somebody else runs into the same problem (here it is).





arxiv, continue process files

arxiv This file has been rejected as part of a submission. It appears to be pdf generated from TeX/LaTeX without source\
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Edit PDF Properties   
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