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Connectivism (learning theory)

When I present my work on applying network analysis to e-Learning; a common criticism is that my work does not have pedagogical foundation; and hence not really valid for 'real' education.  Well, no more.  After some midnight surfing, I have come across the concept of Connectivism (learning theory):

One aspect of connectivism is the use of a network with nodes and 
connections as a central metaphor for learning. [2] In this metaphor, a 
node is anything that can be connected to another node within a network 
such as an organisation: information, data, feelings, images. Learning 
is the process of creating connections and developing a network.

My only wish is that I would have found out about Connectivism earlier.  By the way we are working on application, that will make finding related concepts easier. 

Here are some nice resources on the topic that I have come across:

"The knowledge is the network", Tenenbaum

Keywords: eLearning, e-Learning, network analysis, network mining, social network services, connectivism